Pistachio Manufacturer in India

Are you searching on Google for the best pistachio manufacturer in India? And then Yours Siddham Overseas is listed in the first position?

Well, you are in the correct and best place. We are the leading pistachio manufacturer and supplier in India. As we catering our customers with 100% premium quality pistas. By importing the best raw materials from Iran and USA. Then we quarantine them in our manufacturing unit and process the pistachios into various stages and get a final product.
Pistachios are basically classified into three types. That’s are Iranian pista, California pista, and Salted pista. It’s basically divided by their color, origin, and taste.
Pistachios are very good in color and sweet in taste, also good for health and give a fortune for the family. That’s why people love pistachios. By manufacturing this kind of pistachios makes us a good pistachio supplier in India.
As well as The other biggest producers are China, Turkey, and Syria respectively. The global production is nearly 1 million tonnes. The estimated value of global production is $6 billion.

Why Yours Siddham Overseas?

If your mind raised a question like, why should I buy pistachio at Yours Siddham Overseas?
Most of our customers raised the same question as you. When they placed their first order in Yours Siddham Overseas and never raised a question like that.
I have an answer for your question, we are the “Best Startup Company” recognized by the Indian Government in 2018. Also certified as ISO 9001:2015, FSSAI, ISO 22000:2018, APEDA, and HACCP. (Source in About Us page)
Our market capital is very high. Our supply chain is connected to all over India and many top-class countries. We are a good supplier of pistachio in the regional and international markets (Australia, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, and many Asian and European countries). This kind of supply chain makes us the best pistachio exporter in India.
You can use these pistachios for your businesses like restaurants, bakeries, snacks, and retailing, etc.
Pistas are imported from Iran and USA and processed in our manufacturing unit, then separated as their types. Finally, we handpicked them and packed them in carton boxes, tins. The packing is very good, neat and clean as per standards. And deliver the products within the deadline.


Origin Iranian & California
Moisture at dry basis 5-7%
Packing Vacuum packing, plastic bag