Yours Siddham Overseas, The most important varieties of raisin grapes are the Thompson Seedless, a pale yellow seedless grape also known as Sultanina (California); Muscat, or Alexandria, a large-seeded variety also known as Gordo Blanco.

Raisins(kismis) Suppliers in India

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If yes, you’re at the right place. Your Siddham Overseas is the leading almond supplier and manufacturer in India. By providing the best and premium quality Raisins(kismis) makes our customers happy. It’s what we want as an almond supplier.
We are catering our customers with different variety of Raisins(kismis). That’s are Californian, Independent, and Touch Almonds. They have basically divided by color, taste, and origin. These varieties are good in taste and color. Raisins(kismis) are loaded with lots of nutrients and vitamins.
We offered lots of dry fruits to regional and international customers, our supply chain is very large. Providing Raisins(kismis) to international customers makes us the Best Almond Exporter in India. We traded with many Asian countries, Germany, United Kingdom, and European countries.
We offer market-fresh products that are the right pick of the crop for your satisfaction with quality and excellence.

Why Yours Siddham Overseas?

If you have a question like, why should I buy Raisins(kismis) at your Siddham Overseas?
I have an answer to your question, the best thing is we are recognized by the Indian Government as “Best Startup Company” (Source in About Us page). Gives Best and affordable price in the market.
Your Siddham Overseas is the most renowned almond seller in India and other countries. When it comes to serving the people with good quality and 100% premium products, we are the first company to place in top.
India is the largest Almond producer in the world, followed by the USA. We picked and imported Raisins(kismis) from regional farmers and processed them in our manufacturing unit, then separated them as their varieties.
Raisins(kismis) were packed in carton boxes and tins, following our company and international standards. If you are a regional or international customer, packing is clean and neat.
Raisins(kismis) were used in foods, snacks, oils, desserts, medicines, salads, smoothies, milk, etc. If you’re a bakery owner or restaurant owner, you can easily purchase from us and develop your business like Yours Siddham Overseas. You do one thing here, Go to our Contact Us page and make an inquiry about your need.
Our largest supply chain and customer base makes us the best almond manufacturer in India.


Origin california
Type Regular,Independent & Touch
Moisture 3-5%
Packing Plastic Bag
Product Image

Golden Raisins 10kg


Amount: 3000.00 

Product Image

Sultana (kismis) 10kg


Amount: 5100.00 

Product Image

Jumbo (mavis) 10kg


Amount: 4000.00